Results Built on Relationships

The greatest testimony to past performance is return business.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

  • Pacific Capabiltiy Assessment
  • Statistical Training - National Development Section
  • Statistical Training - National Statistics Training Institute

Defence Capability and Sustainment Group

  • Classic Hornet Maintenance and Modification Project
  • Classic Hornet Upgrade 2.3 Project
  • Classic Hornet Follow On Deeper Maintenance Support
  • Lead in Fighter In-Service Support Project
  • Super Hornet Deep Maintenance Project
  • Naval Inventory Procurement Office - Strategic Procurements
  • Strategic Reform Program Maturity Assessment
  • Collective Agreement Positioning
  • MEWSPO - Business and Process Mapping
  • Asset Disposal Procedure Development
  • Asset Disposal Regional Management

Defence CFO Group

Finance Business Centre

  • Accounts Receivable Process Modelling
  • Accounts Receivable Financial Modelling
  • Accounts Payable Financial Modelling

Defence Science and Technology Group

Joint Operations Division

  • Senior Project Management
  • Emergency Management Process Development
  • Capability Definition Workshop
  • Sharepoint Development
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Strategic Reform Program Modelling
  • Capability Development Modelling
  • Crisis Management Framework Development
  • Attorney Generals Crisis Coordination Centre Development
  • NSC Breifing Room Development

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

  • Capital Investment Governance
  • HR Sourcing Investigations

Defence Army

  • Logistic Performance Dashboard Development

Western Power

Operational Technical Excellence Division

  • Risk Identification Predictive Modelling
  • Change Management
  • Training Services
  • WHS Consultancy Services

Vice Chief of Defence Force

  • Joint Logistic Command – Business Analyst
  • Employer Support Program – Commercial Adviser
  • Fuel Services Branch - Inventory Definition
  • Fuel Services Branch - Procurement of Inventory (x2)
  • National Asset Assurance Management
  • National Process Testing Management
  • MILIS District Realignment
  • Asset Disposal Procedure Development

Defence Joint Logistics Command

  • Logistic Assurance Managers
  • Logistic Performance Dashboard Development
  • District Realignment Services
  • Disposal Policy Definition