System and Process Integration Services


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Less Integration



Greater Integration


  • Reduced integrator costs ($m)

Through maintaining a standard ERP, you will benefit by;

  • Incremental system upgrades (changing compliance)
  • Implementing best of breed practices (industry standards)


  • More repositories of information for bespoke requirements
  • Greater reliance upon process controls
  • Acceptance of externally mandated practices when interfacing with ERP


  • One repository of information
  • System derived controls
  • More bespoke system reflecting your business processes


  • Increased integrator costs
  • Reduced upgrade frequency due to costs
  • Big Bang implementation business risk

Appropriate Integration

  • Third Party Assurance (reduced costs)
  • Allows Incremental system upgrades (increased compliance)
  • Retain Bespoke Practices (comparable advantage)


Kitbag Consulting uses a ‘process engine’ that focuses on fundamental business issues — managing risk and compliance, increasing/ maximising revenues, controlling activity costs — that organisations, across various industries, should address in order to help them flourish. We enable companies to identify and manage risks and tradeoffs inherent in business processes and supporting technology systems that support business objectives, and provide them with the information needed to help them meet their strategic and financial goals.