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Strategic Performace and Risk Review


Increasing shareholder return, or delivering public value?   Two very different but interrelated concepts that only experience in both the private and public sectors can  ..............

Kitbag Consulting specialists have both public and private sector experience. They are financially literate and business savvy, able to interpret and apply contemporary risk standards to a range of business and or policy perspectives.  The range of services we offer is broad, but typically they include:

  • Business/ financial risk assessments;
  • Political/ policy; and
  • Specific (contract, project, procurement) risk assessments.

They have extensive experience in assisting Australian Government agencies identify, assess and implement management strategies in relation to key risks.

 We use SAI Gobals’ Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) to conduct organisational maturity assessments, as it is a non-prescriptive leadership and management system that describes the essential elements of organisational systems.