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Change Management


The need for change can arise for a multitude of reasons .... new roles, tasks or the imposition of additional responsibilities. Particularly relevant to the public sector are the Machinery of Government changes ..........


The terms ‘Machinery of Government changes’ (MOG changes) and ‘administrative re-arrangements’ are interchangeable and are used to describe a variety of organisational or functional changes affecting the Government.

Most will  require an Agency to apply resources to a Change Management effort.  This is where the Government Advisory Group can assist.  Some common examples of MOG changes are:

  • changes to the Administrative Arrangements Order (AAO)  following a Prime Ministerial/ First Minister decision to abolish or create a department or to move functions/ responsibilities between departments/agencies
  • creation of a new statutory agency or executive agency, or abolition of such agencies
  • movement of functions into, or out of, the APS.

The Kitbag Consulting will address all of the business enabling activities from a people, process and technology perspective to ensure the success of the Change Management activity.