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Business Analysis and Improvement


In an ever changing environment, organisations need business solutions to continually synchronise efficiency and effectiveness inititiaves to produce public value.


Although most BAs are IT focused, Kitbag Consulting, as a matter of course will analyse the strategic environment against your objectives, processes and resources to suggest ways by which re-design, or improvements can be achieved. 

Usually performing process definition and improvement tasks are characterised by simultaneously addressing the key People and Technology issues to develop an organisation's business and process environment. We define and map processes to seek improvements to identify the steps of the process, the inputs and outputs of the process and opportunities for improvement. Provides a step-by-step picture of the "as-is" situation for discussion and/or communication. Defines and highlights areas for improvement in a process. These can either:

  • be elimination of non-value added steps ; and/or
  • addition of needed steps.

Documents hidden activities, shows where rework occurs. Below are some tips for finding process improvements opportunities;

  • REWORK - things done more than once;
  • CRITICAL HANDOFFS - where the work in progress changes hands between individuals and/or functions;
  • NON VALUE-ADDED WORK - steps that do not add direct value to meeting your customers' requirements;
  • CYCLE-TIME - elapsed time from start to finish; and
  • COST - the amount of resources consumed by the process. Each is integral to the functioning of the other and must be considered holistically.