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Who Are We?

Kitbag Consulting is an association of experienced, like minded public and private sector practitioners who have come together to share and trade their thoughts, insights and experiences to satisfy our client’s business needs. More of a cooperative, members come from government, humanitarian and corporate sectors to share profits and develop networks with those who share a commitment to Quality outcomes and continuous professional improvement. Each practitioner has been instrumental in assisting the Australian Government manage one of the best regulated markets in the world by any OECD benchmark. All have Australian Government security clearances.

Kitbag Consulting has three business units, the Government Advisory Group, the Corporate Advisory Group and the Humanitarian Advisory Group. 

The members of the Government Advisory Group are committed to
delivering Public Value for the benefit of the Australian community. With an onging focus on Defence, the Advisory Group has developed solutions in the most complex of government environments.
These experiences and learnings are applicable across all three tiers of Australian Government.



cag.fw Leveraging off the services and experience supporting Government to fully understand private sector compliance and the nuances of selling to Government, our commercial practitioners have come together to share and trade their thoughts, insights and experiences to satisfy business, compliance and commercial needs.



humangroup.fw Kitbag Consulting has specialists who have and can be deployed to countries experiencing or emerging from natural disaster or conflict supporting stabilisation, recovery and development planning and implementation. Building upon the Government and Corporate Advisory Groups, the Humanitarian Advisory Group is able to assist crisis-affected countries restore essential services and strengthen Government institutions.


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